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First Joint International Meeting of the Israel Mathematical Union and the Mexican Mathematical Society


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The detailed program of all sessions is here


These are the sessions and their organizers.

Algebra and Group Theory

(Monday and Tuesday)

Vladislav Khartchenko (Mexico),
Louis Rowen (Israel), 

Algebraic Geometry

(Monday and Tuesday)

Israel Moreno (Mexico),
Mustapha Lahyane (Mexico),
Mark Spivakovsky (Israel),

Applied and Industrial Mathematics

(Monday and Tuesday)

Jonathan Montalvo (Mexico),
Jacob Rubinstein (Israel),

Approximation Theory

(Thursday and Friday)

Miguel Antonio Jimenez (Mexico),
Dany Leviatan (Israel),

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

(Monday and Tuesday)

Maribel Hernandez (Mexico),
Osbaldo Resendis (Mexico),
Ilya Ioshikhes (Israel),


(Monday and Tuesday)

Adriana Hansberg (Mexico),
Eran Nevo (Israel),

Computer Science

(Monday and Tuesday)

Sergio Rajsbaum (Mexico),
Guy Even (Israel),

Dynamical Systems

(Thursday and Friday)

Alberto Verjovsky (Mexico),
Renato Iturriaga (Mexico),
Barak Weiss (Israel),

Geometry and Topology

(Thursday and Friday)

Daniel Juan  (Mexico),
Rita Jimenez (Mexico),
Michael Polyak (Israel),

Low Dimensional Topology

(Thursday and Friday)

Jacob Mostovoy (Mexico),
Michael Polyak (Israel),

Numerical Analysis

(Thursday and Friday)

Gerardo Hernandez (Mexico),
Alexander Kurganov (Israel),
Alina Chertock (Israel),

Partial Differential Equations

(Thursday and Friday)

Hector Sanchez (Mexico),
Gershon Wolansky (Israel),